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Christina Hendricks Big Boobs

Christina Hendricks used to be a fashion model working the runways of Europe. While she had big boobs for a model, they were definitely not the 38DDD size they are now. She states that once she left modeling and got into acting, she gained weight. She took on a sexy, voluptuous physique and left behind the skinny model body she needed for the catwalk. And she was soon busting out of her bras and becoming famous for her pillowy and creamy breasts. There is probably not one man who reads this blog who hasn’t dreamt of giving Christina Hendricks a pearl necklace, being smothered by her huge breasts, being hypnotized by her luscious breasts or playing out whatever his breast fetish or fantasy may be with Christina and her chichis.

There are some bloggers who claim that Christina’s boobs are fake, but they look way too soft and natural to be fakes. Realistically, she did admit to gaining in the range of 40 – 50 pounds once she stopped doing haute couture fashion modeling. She was tired of starving herself and being semi-anorexic all the time. You can’t blame a woman for wanting to enjoy food and have big, beautiful breasts as a result!

Naya Rivera after boob job

It’s ok. We forgive her. Everyone knows that a flat chested girl covets big breasts. So, Naya Rivera took one of her Glee paychecks and cashed it at the big boobs store. She obviously went from an A cup to a C cup. Then there were pics which showed she might have upgraded to a D cup. This Latina bombshell probably feels she is looking a helluva lot sexier with chichis grandes. However, she will have to find a new job. Naya supposedly got fired from Glee for mixing it up with Glee’s superstar Lea Michele. Her firing was never confirmed, but the catfight was reported in all the major celeb gossip tabloids. And when she “left” the hit show almost immediately thereafter, everyone could read between the lines that it was probably not a voluntary exit.

Naya should bounce back (get it?) without a problem. She can act, she can sing and she has big boobs now. We included a pic of Naya before she had her boob job and a pic of her boobs after she had her breasts implants. Not all girls look amazing after a boob job, but we think Naya’s new boobies look awesome. She has the look and physique to carry them off without having her breast-i-cones look too plastic.

Naya Rivera before boob job

Chrissy Teigen bikini

Exotic Chrissy Teigen has been accused of getting breast implants in the mean gossip blog community, but if she has, we can’t tell. Her sweet C cup boobs look very dreamy. And real! She is half Scandinavian and half Thai and an amazing beauty with a Goddess’ body. She started out as a model, but also now acts, writes her own cooking blog and guest-hosts cooking shows and appears on reality shows. As an entrepreneur, she launched her own bikini line named Beach Bunny. While she was growing up, Chrissy’s family lived in Hawaii and Huntingdon Beach, California, so she had plenty of time to learn how to be a real beach bunny. She was actually discovered by a photographer while working as a teen in an Orange County surf shop. We’re so glad the photographer spotted her that fateful day, but there’s no doubt she would have been discovered by another photographer or model scout eventually!

Chrissy has modeled for Billabong and is most well known for being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. We’re glad she did both since the internet is chock full of Chrissy Teigen bikini pics. We’ve included one hot bikini pic of Chrissy for your pleasure.

7 January, 2014

Shay Maria Boobs Selfie

Shay Maria isn’t a superstar yet, but it’s only because she and her big natural boobs haven’t made her way to reality show stardom, sex tape infamy or some other way to elevate her career. She has oodles of fans on Tumblr and Twitter. She’s a social media phenom, but she isn’t a household name yet. Shay was trained in many different dance styles from a young age and often appears in music videos as a dancer and eye candy girl. She has also appeared on tv shows in guest roles and done bikini, fashion and figure modeling. Her heritage is German, Chilean and Irish which gives her an amazing look.

At Best Boobs, we’ve seen plenty of Shay Maria’s pics and videos to know that her pillows are all naturally grown. For Shay this is a problem. She is frequently asked by women who her plastic surgeon is, because these women can’t believe they’re not enhanced. At 5′ 2″ it is hard to believe that the D cups are real, but they are. Shay also shared during an interview with Primitive Apparel that others want to squeeze her boobs to know for sure that they aren’t silicone! Can’t blame someone for asking… But it might be kinda rude. She dreams of being in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Let’s hope that some of their “talent” scouts pick Shay for next year’s issue!

7 November, 2013

Bar Refeali Bikini

Bar Refeali is a model who picked up celeb buzz when she was dating model-of-the-month girlfriend club member Leo DiCaprio. Bar could have definitely achieved modeling superstardom with her gorgeous looks, but all those paparazzi shots with Leo helped her make a splash around the world. Bar is well known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling. Along with Kate Upton, the two blondes are considered the most popular recent Sports Illustrated models. In addition to savvy modeling, Bar is also a smart entrepreneur. She launched a a smartphone app which allows people to purchase any clothes they see on a model in a magazine or other inclusive media. And she invested in a mobile payment gateway called MyCheck. Clearly, she knows her perfect C cup boobs will only go so far in life and that she better invest wisely with that modeling money.

Bar has posed topless, but without revealing her nipples. She has shown off her breasts via hand bras and other clever poses which show the outlines or softness of her boobs, without fully revealing her breasts. Her super sexiness caused a stir in her native Israel, where racy semi-nude billboard images of her were taken down. Bar has been modeling her whole life. Her mother launched her as a baby model.

24 September, 2013

If any of you have seen Sofia Vergara’s boobs before, you’ll know they’re big, round and sexy. For a beautiful hazel eyed brunette who stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, her 32F bra size goes to show that women really do have the ability to have large, natural boobs and not look top heavy. Sofia, originally from Colombia, does quite a bit to make sure her big boobs look good in everything she wears. Recently, when she was interviewed she made a comment that while a girl with small boobs can pop on a tank top and no bra and look good, if she did the same thing she’d look like a fat pregnant lady. Sofia is very conscientious of wearing tops and dresses which optimize her breasts. As you can see in this hot photo that we found, our statement stands nice and firm, just like Sofia Vergara’s boobs. Sofia started out modeling and doing commercials in Colombia, then came to the USA. She is not the highest paid tv actress starring in Modern Family.


The beautiful emerald green dress where Sofia Vergara’s boobs are almost busting out of do a perfect job of showing off these best boobs. It helps give her perfect cleavage an impressively seductive appearance.

scarlett johansson boobs gif

If you’re not familiar with the perfect natural boobs that Scarlett Johansson boasts, then you’re missing out on two amazing sights. Packing a pair of 34Ds, Scarlett’s boobs get a lot of attention. In this gif that we found, you can see Scarlett Johansson’s boobs jiggling in a sexy seduction scene from a movie. Obviously, she knows that she has some amazing boobs.

Scarlett has said before that if the time and film project was appropriate, she’d gladly let herself be filmed nude. So far the only part of her body that’s been exposed in film or magazine is some side boob in a movie and her sexy butt in a magazine.  Until then, we get to enjoy all of the sexy scenes from movies that show Scareltt Johansson’s big boobs.  Can’t forget to mention there were a few hacked self shots of her boobs that made their way onto the internet, but which were quickly removed from legit sites by legal request.  However, a quick google images search will find her topless selfies that she snapped for former husband Ryan Reynolds.  Scarlett is also newly engaged to a French journalist (downgrade!).  Nevertheless, the French are very au naturel about showing off boobs, one can only hope that her fiance will convince her to go topless very soon!

19 July, 2013

Kate Upton Boobs in Body Paint

Breasts. Boobs. Tits. These are the key three words for the most liked and sought after anatomical aspects on a woman’s body. Some are large, some are small, and some are famous. Take Kate Upton’s boobs for instance. They have gained extreme popularity due to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. These beautiful chesticles are the epitome of what breasts should be. They look so soft and comforting that you just want to place your face into her chest and take a long nap. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with such fine headlights such as this. I mean come on, all you need to do is take one look at those breasts and you will be hooked. If you think about it, she is the true definition of the American Beauty. There is no denying the fact that Kate’s boobs are by far the best out there. They outplay Sofia Vergara’s boobs by miles. There is no way you can compare Kate’s amazingly developed chest to any other girl in existence. I think we will all be following the online and magazine features of her finely crafted breasts for many years to come! Some claim Kate Upton’s boobs are fakes and some say they are real. If they’re fake, every girl in Hollywood would want the name of that plastic surgeon.