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24 September, 2013

If any of you have seen Sofia Vergara’s boobs before, you’ll know they’re big, round and sexy. For a beautiful hazel eyed brunette who stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, her 32F bra size goes to show that women really do have the ability to have large, natural boobs and not look top heavy. Sofia, originally from Colombia, does quite a bit to make sure her big boobs look good in everything she wears. Recently, when she was interviewed she made a comment that while a girl with small boobs can pop on a tank top and no bra and look good, if she did the same thing she’d look like a fat pregnant lady. Sofia is very conscientious of wearing tops and dresses which optimize her breasts. As you can see in this hot photo that we found, our statement stands nice and firm, just like Sofia Vergara’s boobs. Sofia started out modeling and doing commercials in Colombia, then came to the USA and is now starring in a comedy show that just won an Emmy Award.

Sofia Vergara boobs squished green dress cleavage Sofia Vergaras Boobs

The beautiful emerald green dress where Sofia Vergara’s boobs are almost busting out of do a perfect job of showing off these best boobs. It helps give her perfect cleavage an impressively seductive appearance.

scarlett johansson boobs 10 Scarlett Johanssons Boobs

If you’re not familiar with the perfect natural boobs that Scarlett Johansson boasts, then you’re missing out on two amazing sights. Packing a pair of 34Ds, Scarlett’s boobs get a lot of attention. In this gif that we found, you can see Scarlett Johansson’s boobs jiggling in a sexy seduction scene from a movie. Obviously, she knows that she has some amazing boobs.

Scarlett has said before that if the time and film project was appropriate, she’d gladly let herself be filmed nude. So far the only part of her body that’s been exposed in film or magazine is some side boob in a movie and her sexy butt in a magazine.  Until then, we get to enjoy all of the sexy scenes from movies that show Scareltt Johansson’s big boobs.  Can’t forget to mention there were a few hacked self shots of her boobs that made their way onto the internet, but which were quickly removed from legit sites by legal request.  However, a quick google images search will find her topless selfies that she snapped for former husband Ryan Reynolds.  Scarlett is also newly engaged to a French journalist (downgrade!).  Nevertheless, the French are very au naturel about showing off boobs, one can only hope that her fiance will convince her to go topless very soon!

19 July, 2013

Kate Upton body paint Kate Upton Boobs

Breasts. Boobs. Tits. These are the key three words for the most liked and sought after anatomical aspects on a woman’s body. Some are large, some are small, and some are famous. Take Kate Upton’s boobs for instance. They have gained extreme popularity due to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. These beautiful chesticles are the epitome of what breasts should be. They look so soft and comforting that you just want to place your face into her chest and take a long nap. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with such fine headlights such as this. I mean come on, all you need to do is take one look at those breasts and you will be hooked. If you think about it, she is the true definition of the American Beauty. There is no denying the fact that Kate’s boobs are by far the best out there. They outplay Sofia Vergara’s boobs by miles. There is no way you can compare Kate’s amazingly developed chest to any other girl in existence. I think we will all be following the online and magazine features of her finely crafted breasts for many years to come! Some claim Kate Upton’s boobs are fakes and some say they are real. If they’re fake, every girl in Hollywood would want the name of that plastic surgeon.

kate upton Kate Upton Boobs

Are small celebrity boobs a good or bad thing? That’s a very good question, and one that can actually be answered pretty easily. First off, it’s necessary to establish what ‘small boobs’ are. Normally, a woman with boobs that are able to be held in hands without any ‘spilling out’ are considered small, as well as most boobs that fit into A or B cup bras. Now, giving the question some thought, small boobs are perfect. There’s a phrase that lots of men (and women) like to use, and it is “more than a handful is a waste”, referring to the size of a woman’s boobs. The phrase is actually true due to the fact that small boobs tend to remain perky when a woman ages, while larger boobs end up sagging and being affected by gravity over time, making them slightly less attractive than perky boobs. Celebrities with small boobs also can take pride in the fact that more often than not, their boobs are a lot more proportionate to their body compared to someone who has a tiny frame, lugging around DD-sized boobs. We included a photo of Keira Knightley as a blonde from a movie still, so you can see for yourselves how small celebrity boobs look perfect and are a good thing for a celebrity to have. If you’re sensible-minded, you’ll see what we mean!

keira knightley shows perky boobs Small Celebrity Boobs: Good or Bad?

28 September, 2012

Ashley Greene is primarily known for her acting in the Twilight Saga, for being the ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) and for her boobs. Ashley Greene boobs are luscious and perfect B cups which she showed off in pink body paint in SoBe ads that were strategically placed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Actually, in that photo and video shoot, Ashley Greene was 100% naked and body painted and posed with SoBe bottles in the sands of Miami Beach. Body painting is hot in South Beach. There are little stores you can go into and find body painting booths and get a body paint job to go out on the beach in your skinsuit (a body paint bikini), clubbing or partying.

Ashley Greene Naked Body Painted

Ashley also had an unfortunate cell phone malfunction which seems to be happening a lot lately to hot celebrities. Naked pics of Ashley Greene boobs and shaved pussy hit the net. A celeb oops moment or a calculated photo leak to stir up some attention on Twitter and the blogosphere? Who knows… well Ashley does. But at least there are some of the hottest body paint bikini photos and leaked photos of her cute tight body and sweet soft tits for us to enjoy.

ashley greene topless Ashley Greene Boobs

Katy Perry knows how to work her best boobs. She puts her awesome natural boobies in oversized Hershey Kisses, ice cream cones and now, Hollywood film reels. These are Katy Perry Reel Boobs from the launch of her new Part of Me tour, the tour kick-off featured a short set of tunes she sang live for an enthused crowd on Hollywood Boulevard.

katy perry part of me tour 1024x724 Katy Perry Reel Boobs

Check out all the camera phones snapping photos and recording video clips of the Katy Perry Reel Boobs. The video clips are probably already on Youtube for your viewing delectation. Katy Perry made over $40 million dollars last year, so she can wear whatever she wants to on her luscious C cups. She doesn’t have to sell her bare best boobs for six figures to Playboy. Performing or posing with her tits revealing just enough cleavage in sexy burlesque type costumes keeps her hetero male fans fapping. I doubt her hetero male fans care about her pop music. They only care about what else Katy Perry is popping and those would be her C cup-cakes. I’m not hating on Katy Perry, I think she has awesome tits and her music isn’t that bad when you’re driving down the road getting from point A to point B or rather point C!

If you haven’t already heard, there’s been quite a stir involving Jenifer Love Hewitt and the size of her boobs in relation to some advertising methods used for her new TV show called The Client List, where she plays the role of an escort. The Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs controversy is ironically about the size of her big boobs actually being decreased in billboard advertisements such as the one below:

Jennifer Love Hewitt billboard e1336166976389 Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs Controversy

Now, if you’ve ever seen Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs before, you’d know that they’re a natural C-cup. Jennifer’s boobs are amazing and she’s been offered $xxx,xxx to show them off naked in Playboy but has turned down every offer. This leads us to question why the hell anyone in the world would actually try to shrink the size of her boobs in an ad that’s seen by hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people every day! It really doesn’t make any sense… there’s really no reason to take some rather perfectly-sized boobs and try to shrink them down.

Jennifer Love Hewitt discovered what the advertisers had done and she raised a big stink about it. Almost any woman with perfect boobs would agree: it’s pretty insulting to see your boobs shrunk when your photo is used in an advertisement. We agree with her being upset, don’t you?

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